[Another] VeraPlus bricked after firmware upgrade...

A few days ago I tried to update the firmware of my VeraPlus-EU, and you guessed it right, the thing is bricked. Can my VeraPlus get unbricked?

Hey there, I’m so sorry to hear about this. A good place to start is with our tech team which should get back to you ASAP if you contact them. Use the “Need help” button up top or email them at support@getvera.com

I hope this helps.

I ordered a Vera Plus (US) from Amazon. Hooked it up, Added a “new controller”, it downloaded an update and … bricked. I returned it to Amazon for a replacment.

Got the new replacement. Turned it on without connecting the ethernet. The lights came on except Service and Internet. Excellent. I just plug in the ethernet and literally did nothing else. The unit does something… and bricked.

How is this acceptable?

Hello there,

Obviously, there’s no excuse for what you’ve experienced with your Vera controllers and we’re sorry about that.
I see that you’ve already worked with our Customer Care team on this.

Same here, new unit bricked on power up. Pressed 2 for support and got the "no support agents are currently available to take you call, please leave a message, never called back, I finally got in touch with support by selecting 1 General Information and tried the 3 time, 6 time reset with no change. She tried, gave me an RMA… Now I have to wait who knows how long to receive another unit.

Has anyone been able to get an advance replacement once they sent the bricked unit back?

Isn’t there a way to prevent automatic firmware updates on a new box at power up?

How can Vera allow an obvious Firmware Bug to be pushed?

I have been a big fan of Vera for quite a while, however, I’m fading.

Moving to a new home and leaving my current VeraPlus setup behind for the new owner. I purchased a new VeraPlus that arrived bricked. Never would progress past the power light, although I was able to register the device. Spent three days waiting for customer service to respond and then an hour on the phone with them troubleshooting. Ended up RMAing and received the replacement today, 12 days after opening my service case.

The replacement booted up fine (got all the green lights this time), started the installation process and then the mandatory firmware update. Bricked for a second time. The new VeraPlus will not move past the blinking power light similar to the last.

After multiple Vera devices over the past five years, looks like it is time, albeit begrudgingly, to move on to another system. And the worst part is I purchased directly from Vera which means the return process is miles more complicated than if I had purchased from Amazon. Very disappointing.

Did you leave alone, undisturbed, for a couple of hours or overnight?

I plugged the ethernet in, then the power adapter, then added the controller to my existing account. It was then left overnight, completely undisturbed since the initial setup (over 12 hours). This morning, a power cycle (30 seconds) and a reset (6 pushes while powered on) later, flashing power light and nothing else.

The controller is showing offline in my dashboard despite being hardwired to my network (my other controller is showing fine). Additionally, I can periodically see the replacement VeraPlus’ SSID being broadcast.

After a month or so of nightmarish issues like constant restarts, devices becoming not detected, unpairing, repairing, then seeing another one become undetected, I made a backup including zwave network and reactor (downloaded ;-)) and then did a factory reset. Now I can’t get it to load the webpage. I have reset it several times, and even was able to view the logs (cgi-bin/cmh/log.sh?Device=LuaUPnP) but never will the browser load anything. Just the logo top left and the spinning green icon like after a restart. I’ve left it for about an hour or 2 uninterrupted but still nothing.
When it comes up after a reset, all lights are green and steady so I’m perplexed…

Any ideas where to start or any commands to do via SSH?

Hi everyone, I’m sorry about this.

If you’re still having issues with your VeraPlus controllers, don’t hesitate to reach our customer care team (hit the Need Help button). They will get back to you ASAP and help you get back with your controllers.

Symptoms are similar to this thread: “Zwave: Configuring Z-wave devices in your system” endless loop - Vera Controllers, Services & Devices / Vera Controllers & Cameras - Vera Community (getvera.com)

You could try to SSH into the unit, free some space and try again.

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Received a replacement Vera Plus for the one that bricked and gave it two hours to update the firmware (couldn’t stop it) and it is a brick too. Went through the reset procedures Oscar sent me and no change. Never got any other lights other than the power light. It would be awesome if I can this sorted out today.

Try my suggestion. Factory reset it, try to connect to SSH, then free disk space, reboot and try update again.

Dear Sorin,

Thank you for your reply, and I contacted Vera.
A collegue of you called me and tried to help me with my VeraPlus but that didn’t help.
After that Vera told me to install Windows XP on a virtual machine and connect to my Vera the vera recovery tool and install G450-125-1.7.4125.bin on my VeraPlus, that didn’t work so the next step was to install G450-125-1.7.4150.bin on my VeraPlus.
And that also didn’t work.

I see people recommending to factory reset, connect to SSH and free disk space in the controller, does Vera also recommend that, and how do we do that? is there a manual for that?

Thank you for your reply.

Hello, there was a problem when updating my Vera plus to the latest firmware, it does not start. Please share the*. bin file for my Vera plus firmware. I wrote to tech support, but they are silent. Thanks! e-mail: boopsi.nash@gmail.com

For the bin file contact vera support, they will give you the bin file and a pdf with instructions if asked for.
If that don’t solve the problem as was my case you can give one last try and open the vera and find the 4 pins for the serial ttl connection and make a direct connect and fix the unit.
For some photos of the pins see the @Majimus post for unbrick.

Hello… just wondering if one of yous may already have the VeraPlus firmware so I can attempt to “unbrick” me VeraPlus (USA version)… I reached out to Vera support but so far no answer. I don’t know the “rules”, I seem to understand that you are not supposed to make the firmware public once they send it to you, but perhaps it’s acceptable to send it to me privately? Let me know. Thx

if it lights up it can be recovered via serial

Hi, thanks.
Yes I’ve seen the post but it seems more complicated and more risky (and I would need to procure adapters and connectors) so it seems to be a “last resort” plan B for me.
But wouldn’t I need the bin firmware file for this anyway??

It’s a little tricky but you can connect a computer and if you time it right after a restart, you can restore an old backup. It’s always been an issue with the Vera platform.