Another scene confusion

(Vera APP) Ezlo Plus
I’m making a scene for Christmas lights

  • List item

add scene
add activation event
Date and time
5:00 pm

Add Action
(I choose several devices) hit Next
Turn on hit save

Thank I want to add action to wait x hrs than turn off but it will not allow me to set delay for multiple devices but if I pick 1 device it allows me to delay for x hrs and turn off.

Than I tried doing same in MeshBOT on MiOS

I create New automatic meshbot local
I add Trigger (date and time)
I try Custom time / special time of day Neither allows me to set a time. Custom time, I will assume, After / before / between is the correct time.

I add action and I have to pick all devices but cant do by room for all devices

than I cant add off time or wait X hrs to turn off the “group”

Not sure what Im doing wrong. A little guidance would be appreciated.

And that’s exactly why I told them we need to be able to add delays as a separate action item rather than being linked to some other action where you can append a delay.

Yet that advice has not been taken onboard currently.

Hello @peterg88,
I don’t think this is intended behavior. As you said, it can be done if you configure each device separately but I think the app should let you add a delay not only when you select only one device under “Actions” but also when you select two or more. I have escalated this case to the Android department. They should be working on it soon.
Thanks for the heads up. Kind regards!

in MeshBot i created this where I have a “delay” for each and every action

does this satisfy your usecase?
if not can you pls give me exactly the use case.

Hi, @peterg88

It is possible to cover your case for devices on specific controller. The simplest way you can create a MeshBot as on the picture. (I use dimmer and switch)

also, you can change “after” to “between”:

For now, we cannot combine devices in MeshBot from different controllers, but we will be able soon.

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Yes that will work for now, but I hope they make it work the way it should. Thanks

That’s fine if you want a delay in between each action but doesn’t work if you wanted a delay of X seconds “from this point” in the actions chain.

Which is why I think we should be able to add a delay on its own independent of any other particular action item.

how exactly would you prefer it ? Can you pls show it with some basic drawing/explanation pls.

As I said, that works but need to do it with a “group” or room rather than having to do individual device.

So the issue is “grouping” of actions to a “room”?

Also I tried as per your instructions but Mashbot does not allow me to add a delay to same device it disappears when i try

it works with mine.
I think your problem is: You have to “relogin” …authentication times out …when it does…this happens…
relogin to try pls…

Ok I logged back in and that resolved the issue with adding action. Here is what I added as you see I set delay for 5 minutes to turn off (that was about 20 minutes ago.

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Could you please clarify, you want to turn off Z-1 device after 5 min of Action started to work or 5 min after XM-2 device turned off.

For now, these actions are independent and your Z-1 device will turn off after 5 min of Action started to work.
If you want to turn off Z-1 device after XM-2, I suggest you to change delay to 7h and 5 min.

I want to turn Z-1 off after x hrs that it was turned on I put 5 min in just to see if it worked

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