Another newcomer to HA controllers.

FYI, this company just released a new controller for Z-Wave. Just a heads up here.

They only appear to sell in Europe, which makes US Z-Wave compatibility questionable.

Just see another Z-Wave controller available now through a Canadian distributor I have purchased from, Aartech.

Sells for around $300 in Canada for the main unit, and has additional modules.
Has anyone heard of that one ? Anyone used it before ?
Just curious…
Chris B.

I know this reply is a bit delayed, but I became aware of Zipato only recently. They started making their way into the US and Canada some time last year. The system seems to be pretty scalable, with all the expansion modules they have.

I just got finished testing out the main Z-Wave unit and wrote a review of it. Here’s a link if you’re interested →

I recently found out from the CEO of Zipato that they will be coming out with a new app interface around the September time frame. They also plan to launch several new products geared toward the DIY market in the near future.