Another bug in newest firmware (?)

The new firmware introduced change of the icon in devices that have category 3 (switch) subcategory 3 (in wall) - the bulb changed into a plug. This is only visual change but trying to change some device’s category I found that the “Turn all on/off” shortcut in dashboard, meant to turn all lights on or off at once doesn’t react to changes in devices categories anymore.
For example changing device category to 3, sub 4 (refridgerator switch) should make it dissapear from that shorcut. It doesn’t, the current status of such device is still reflected there.
What’s strange, if device’s category already was 3 sub 4 before the upgrade, its status is not reported in the shortcut, everything works fine.

I tried every subcategory there - from 1 to 6, none did any change - devices are still reported as “lights” in the shortcut, no matter what subcategory i choose.
And I checked two different controllers, so it is not a glitch of the specific unit.

Any idea how to correct this?

A thought—did you do a LUUP reload after making the change? It may be that the system won’t rebuild that database unless there is a reload.

Yes, I did, luup reload is not enough.

I figured it out, you have to do a reboot, only then changes are updated in “my shortcuts” section (devices themselves are updated immediately).
As a sidenote: there is no device category/subcategory which would have a plug icon and wouldn’t be considered as “light” by “my shortcuts” at the same time.