Annual Schedules (UI5)


I hope someone can help me.

I wanted to create daily schedules for Christmas lights. As these will run each day during December and potentially until the 6th January I wanted to set the Schedule with a Day and Month but leave the year blank so it would run every year.

If I leave the year blank () then the schedule does not run. If I set the year the schedule runs but I then have to edit the scene to advance the year.

I would have expected there to be a way (without using LUA) to easily configure this.

If the only way is to use LUA, then so be it, but some guidance would be appreciated :smile:

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Yes, some LUA coding will be necessary.

You can find what you want in the Conditonal Scene Execution thread.

PLEG supports ANNUAL schedules … just leave the YEAR out.