Android Phone Sensor

I live in a house where we have three Android phones. Anyway to detect when a phone arrives/leaves individually or collectively to trigger scenes. For example. If all phones are gone the house locks. Would love any input.

The Ping sensor plugin is popular for this.

Some people setup a geofence on their phone and then use the Tasker app to do stuff on Vera.

Some people are placing NFC tags by their doors that trigger the phone to take an action, like flipping a virtual switch Home/Away on Vera.

What’s the best app for geofencing on android ?

Are people using tasker to do the geofence and trigger the action or using two apps ?

I’d like to trigger a scene just once when I enter a geofence area, so far I’ve only been able to set one up that triggers the condition all the time (I want to trigger lights on outside when I am coming home, but then don’t want to trigger again until the next time I’m coming home). Might just be that I’ve not had enough time to dedicate to sorting it, but interested to know that others do.

I use tasker in combination with autolocation, which is a tasker plugin. Works great, but autolocation costs ?0.50 per month, which i think is well worth it. Battery drain is not bad, and it seems very accurate. Tasker is a great app too, since i bout/installed it a couple of weeks ago its use keeps growing, i find more and more things i can do with it.
I would recommend having a look at that combination

Thanks I’ll give that a try!.

Llama app works well with authomationhd for me free aswell. I found it easy to setup.

If you use Tasker directly to issue say a remote api request to vera using This will not work with UI6 as remote authentication has changed. You will be required to use an app that handles the authentication like AutHomationHD and exposes the custom intents to be used with Tasker.

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