Android App?

It is now two years since you opened the beta testing phase of the android version from the sqblaster app:

Can you tell us about the status / progress of this? Can we expect an android version at all?

I know there are other apps, but I want your so that I can use the custom UI’s I made with the Designer Software from you which I also bought.


Over the last few years we have started and thrown away a couple of Android applications. Long story. Lets just say we learnt a lot.

We have heard a lot of requests fro android of course. The Android platform has come a very long way and is a very interesting Home Automation platform.

So we went back to the drawing board, and we started developing a brand new application from the ground up for iOS and some Android platforms, Windows and Mac OS X too. This application is based on the experience and feedback from all our SQRemote users, and complements rather than replaces SQRemote.

Initially this application will work with our blaster and controller, based on feedback from the early users and commercial pressures will then drive where that application will go.

We have been showing previews of the new application at the Frankfurt Building and Light show, but of course, the difference between ‘preview’ and ready to be used day in day out is a difficult thing to predict, and I have learnt the very hard way about promising dates and releases for software projects!


So basically, you are developing a completely new app, you are not sure if it will work on android, no timeline’s are known, and it is not even sure if it will still support mios.

Bad bad, I was really hoping for better news :’(

I want to get rid of my last iOS device, guess I need to get rid of the sqblaster too then, I don’t think any of the third party apps is good enough to really “use” the sqblaster, especially not with an android tablet.

Thanks for the quick answer anyway.



We are supporting SQBlaster and Android. I say some Android because our experience to date is that there is quite a bit of difference between the various variants of Android versions and physical hardware, and ofcourse several different ‘market places’ we have to support. Say what you like about iOS, fro a developer, all I have to do is buy each new device and upgrade to each new iOS and test on those… About 8 different combinations we have test on at the moment. With Android it gets a factor of 10 more complex. So we are going to have to choose which are the most used and of most interest to our customers when we launch Android support.


I can totally relate to how development for android can cause some head aches. As much as I love the platform and with so many devices out there, it can be a pain to make sure things run as they should for everyone. This is more the Manufactures fault as they have to have their hands in the cookie jar and change things on Android. This can cause it to work great on a vanilla android install and havoc on a modified version of android. Do not get me started with the different screen sizes and resolutions and so forth. Now that can be a pain as well.

  • Garrett

I totally believe you, I am no professional programmer, but I know about software development. I can very well imagine the additional challenges you get when developing for Android compared to iOS.

But honestly, garret is developing an very amazing app as a private person (,9716.0.html), and he’s progressing quiet fast. Why should a company not be able to do that too?

I still want to get rid of my last iOS device. After that the SQ Blaster is a 200 dollar IR adapter for my vera, that is a little expensive.

I am now looking at the redeye ( Same price as SQ Blaster, but with android app. Does the SQ Blaster have any advantage compared to this device?


You raise valid points… I hear very good things about the work Garret is doing.

There are a lot of differences between a private person who has a passion for and an understanding of both the user needs and the technology building an applicaiton versus a company (whose existing passionate and knowledgable developers are working on something else) having to hire developers at a significant cost and then sepcify what is needed… A lot of communciation misunderstanding leads to a lot of additional costs. Also we must pay someone to continue to support and maintain it. The MCV Vera market doesn’t cover the cost of maintaining SQRemote for MiOS… it has been hard to justify the effort we have put into an Android version of SQRemote for Vera. Especially now someone like Garrett is doing one on his own.

For those who want a single remote experience for both the blaster and vera, maybe Garret could integrate our Blaster API into his Android app? It is very straight forward, and we would be very happy to talk to him about it and provide any test equipment he may need.

Regarding SQBlaster versus other network/IR devices:

The main difference is in the quality and size of the device database - we include both an embedded device database that is very broad and a full ‘installers’ database of codes that include many of the hard to find ‘discrete’ codes. THe Blaster Plus also has four addressable IR ports where up to 24 devices may be driven with external emitters and blasters as well as 8 internal IR LED’s arranged in 270 degree spread plus through the top that give pretty much a whole room blast. Plus it looks very nice. We were recently evaluated against all of the available competition by a large cable company and we came out on top interms of features/function/price and performance.

But I also understand that right now we don’t meet your needs fro an ‘iOS free’ home.



Damn, does it means you can’t use the SQ Blaster whitout an I-something ?

Is it possible to configure it through the Vera and/or Mios ???

I just bought an SQBlster+ and can’t find any configuration interface or software ?


@SQ Remote … you guys may wish to check this out to see how much business you are passing by!

Check out the Harmony Link, works both on Android and IOS. I have it both on my Ipad and on my Android phone and they work great, especially on the pad with the guide being displayed.

hum… not sure about my feeling : angry, sad, surprised, …?

What make me confident when purchasing the SQblaster was this line in the description : “use the same software engine (Mios) as the Vera”.

As far as I undestood the setup process, I need a I-something just once to configure the prontoCode into the SQBlaster.
Once the ProntoCode are configured, I should be able to call the action directly from the Vera. Right ?

Is that correct ? If yes, I will try to borrow an Ipad from a friend.
If not, I will seriously think about getting my money back.

Thanks for your reply.