Android 14 issues?

My vera plus and vera app have been mostly reliable on my old Galaxy s10 (android 11) for some time. Enter a new Pixel 8 phone, running Android 14 and now:

  1. Vera app crashes about 1 in 2 times I try to launch it.
  2. Geofencing doesn’t work at all anymore.

I’ve had to jury rig Google home presence sensing to trigger my away scenes which for me, are one of the biggest reasons to have a controller in the first place.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but moving to a newer Ezlo controller won’t fix my geofencing problems, because this feature has been kicked down the road repeatedly since the Ezlo hubs were launched. All I can find here on the subject is an endless string of promises to deliver it “soon” or “in next quarter”.

What I’m looking for in a hub:
1 A native, and intuitive way to use boolean and/or logic in scene automations (If 1 is true and 2 is true, do something, otherwise, if 1 is true and 2 is not, do something else). Pleg was powerful, but learning it was NOT fun. Good riddance to it.
2 Mostly local automation. I don’t want my controller to be wholly dependant on an internet connection.
3 simple and effective app control, with geofencing.

Can an Ezlo hub keep up with my expectations, or should I be shopping for a new solution?

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Hello @w1ngz

We apologize for the inconveniences that you are experiencing.

Our team is aware of the issues with Android 14 and is working to solve them as soon as possible.
Regarding your requirements for a new hub:

  1. Ezlo hubs now support advanced scene creation with boolean logic using AND, OR, and NOT operators, as detailed in the Advanced scenes - AND, OR, NOT guide. This should provide the intuitive scene automation you’re looking for.
  2. Ezlo hubs are designed to offer local automation, which means they can operate without a constant internet connection, as discussed in the article Can Your Home Be Smart Without the Cloud?. However, some features like remote access and voice control require internet connectivity.
  3. While geofencing is not currently available with the Ezlo controllers. Our team is working on improving the geofencing feature, but if this is a critical feature for you, it may be worth considering how the integration with third-party services like Alexa for geofencing, as mentioned in the Geofencing issue forum thread, could serve as a temporary workaround.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for the response. I’ve tried working around the geofence issue using Google Home. It sort-of works, at best.

Geofencing was committed to in the Ezlo hubs since their announcement in 2021 as near as I can tell, and the goalpost keeps getting moved back.

The android 14 developper preview, and series of subsequent betas have been available for over a year (February 2023) and was officially launched in October 2023. It would appear that my expectation of ‘as soon as possible’ differs somewhat from yours.

I’m moving on to Hubitat. It’s already on a delivery truck, scheduled to arrive today.