and to think I used to be a programmer..

Hi all, I am a new veralite user, but a throwback from the computer dark ages… I actually used to write programs in assembly language, 360, Fortran IV, Forth, and others back in the late 1960’s. Probably before your parents were born. I even dabbled in early “C”, but that was long ago. While my writing skills are gone I have never lost interest in computers or their use. I finally decided to do a little home automation and hence the new veralite (1.7.439). I have one motion detect in and working and two zwave temp sensors on the way.
I scanned the various posts looking for some code or plugin I could copy/use, but didn’t really see the match I was looking for,… and for this old dog :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have the brainpower anymore to learn a new language and make it work without investing half my remaining years in it.
What I would like to have is a scene that would do the following:

When in vacation mode, (or some other controllable variable),
sample all temperature sensors once per hour, (adjusting each temp by some variable + or - due to inaccuracy)
then send via email the highs and lows for each period and each sensor (probably every 12 hours).

Probably not rocket science for most of you guys, but a stretch for me.
Any assistance would be so very welcome and appreciated. :slight_smile:

Have you read PLEG Basic’s?

That should do everything you want (& more) without a brain seizure.,21603.0.html

Fortran, thanks for helping me relive nightmares of punching out the correct hole…welcome to the land of HA where there is more than one solution! :slight_smile:

IBM cards as we used to call them, also paper tape was big for a while.

Thanks, I have been reading the PLEG document. I will try to load it and play with it tonight.