AND & OR in scenes

Hi, i’m not a developer so I don’t know LUA. I make the question to vera of when are they going to implent AND conditions in creating scenes (IOS can do) why with android or windows does not?
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This was one of my main drivers that pushed me to leave Vera, as I too am not a developer. My advise would be to use the “Reactor” plug in as it’s at least a small bit easier to figure out instead of the 18+complicated pages to figure out the PLEG plug in.

Yes fully agree to the “Reactor” plugin, I’ am a happy user of that. It supports not only AND but also many more needed functions in setting up logic for scenes. I do understand how to write the Lua code but in most scenes only using AND is not sufficient.
Out of the box AND support would of course be nice.

OMG, god bless to all of you, Reactor is tremendous, thanks again
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If you stay with Vera long, you will want to look at PLEG. It will allow you to build just about anything for which you can figure out the logic…

Most of that would still require learning to code, at which I have no desire to, the better solution was switching to Hubitat, and everything I want to “build” can be done from down menus and selecting, and more complicated “codes” can be copy and pasted from already sourced into the screenshot’d links.hub1

The whole point of PLEG is to keep you from having to learn code (LUA in this case). But you have to build the logic. Logic is the unexpectedly hard part of HA. Defining exactly when you want something to happen can be downright exasperating. I am working on a notification related to package delivery, and while it would seem easy (and would be for a human watching a camera making a manual decision), trying to use sensors to determine the presence of package delivery person - compared to the presence of a stray animal walking by or household member coming in or out of the house - is quite difficult. Applications like this don’t lend themselves to menus and selections…

If you have to comprehend 18+ pages of instructions just figure out how to do the basic tasks (like adding simple restrictions of and/or) to your scenes, it defeats it’s “whole point” from the start, Hubitat you “build your logic” by selecting drop down menus, ones that INCLUDE restrictions/variables… As with Hubitat, it has the section posted in the screen shot there is the section for those like yourself to do what you are working on, as well as other areas “rule machine” for those with basic or semi-complex tasks to “easily” make happen, as well as moderate abilities of http calls and many others included in your scene triggers…

I have been using PLEG for a couple of years and it took me about 2 months of playing with it to have that a-ha moment. Very easy to set up the logic (triggers, schedules, conditions, actions) once you figure out how it works. The guide was helpful when trying to do exotic things like sequences.

Others love the simplicity of Reactor. I have not had the time to look at it closely but I can see it being a decent replacement to PLEG.

Glad to hear you have found your nirvana in Hubitat. My 6 year old Vera 3 is still meeting my needs.

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Thank you to all of you, now it is enough for me with reactor, I’m having fun with that plugin. Have a nice day. :wink: