And acts like or (resolved user error)

I have set up s simple pleg but its not working as expected and trouble shooting has not answered the issue even though in have similar pleg running.

I have two modes home and away. These run a few things in pleg.

I have two schedules windowweek and windoeweekend one which runs Monday to to Friday sunset to 23:00. The other weeekends sunset to 23:30.

So the aim is to turn on hue lights to 50% brightness when out or 100% when home.

My conditions are if mhome and windowweek the action is lights 100%
Condition if maway and window week then action is lights 50%

So the issue is that the lights come on and go straight off and cannot work out why.

All other aspects work OK if i turn the lights on manually then change between home and away it does change the brightness as expected. The lights also turn off by themselves as expected when the scene period ends.

Anyone have any idea why the lights come on and the go instantly off again? it seems really bizzare.

As always … Provide a PDF of your status report.

Ok I can do that. Where do I pull that report from ?

The “Status” button on the PLEG Control tab on the Vera Dashboard.

Interestingly this evening instead of the lights coming on and going straight back off again (which is what they normally do) I was taken by surprise to see them on.


Well right now they should be turning off right after they turn on, as “not sloungewindowweek or not sloungewindowweekend” should always be true. So you definitely need to change to “not sloungewindowweek and not sloungewindowweekend”.

So you sending the on and then the off within milliseconds - perhaps the off was executed first or the off got ignored this one time…

Ah ha that’s it, for the life of me I could not see the error. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Thank you for your help.