An Update for Centralite and SmartThings Customers

In January, we began receiving reports that some Centralite devices on 2015 and 2018 SmartThings hubs were becoming unresponsive. This update addresses the underlying causes of this device behavior and how it is being resolved.

Previously, Centralite manufactured devices for SmartThings. Some devices that Centralite manufactured under its own brand share the same Zigbee profile ID and Zigbee Image Type as legacy SmartThings devices. When a recent Over-the-Air (OTA) update for SmartThings-branded devices was released, Centralite devices that were manufactured with the same profile ID and image types also received that OTA firmware update and then became unresponsive.

Centralite and SmartThings’ software teams have been in communication. An upcoming SmartThings Hub firmware update (v36) will begin excluding newer Centralite devices from receiving the OTA update. By excluding the Centralite devices from further updates, devices joined to the hubs after the update will no longer experience the operational issues. We want to thank SmartThings customer service and engineering teams for working through this with us and providing a path forward for Centralite devices on their platform.


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