Amcrest IP2M-842


I’m new to the whole Vera thing I’m trying to set up a Amcrest IP2M-842 camera, but having no luck. I’ve tried numerous methods, it seems to be streaming something to the web application but when trying to view the camera on the iOS app it never loads.

Does anyone know the correct way to set one of these up?


I set up my Amcrest IP2M-842 in the vera webview on my PC by adding a generic IP camera and entering in the address for a snap shot “[your camer’s IP]/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?1” , my username and password.

My cameras then showed up on the web interface and in the iOS vera app. They do refresh every few seconds although everything seems connection depended, sometimes I have to work a bit to get a refresh, I find that wired gets much better performance than Wifi as well.