Amazon Guard

Anyone know if there’s a way to turn Amazon Guard on/off via scripting or with changes in Home/away modes?

Amazon recently released the ability to execute spoken commands.

Using my plug-in, you could just do something like this:

  {Command="-e textcommand:'Alexa, I’m leaving' -d 'Bedroom'"}, 666)

dbochicchio/VeraAlexa: Alexa plug-in for Vera and openLuup. (

textcommand could be anything you’ll say to Alexa, so routines are not required and you could do complex things like “TV volume to 32” or “Play 90 Rock music everywhere”

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Dude, thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Is your app in Vera yet? I did a search for “vera remote” on the install apps page and it came up blank.

It’s Vera Alexa and it’s in the store.

Sorry if I’m missing something simple. But if I go into my controller > Apps > Install Apps and search “vera alexa” nothing comes up. If I search “alexa” I only get two results “Amazon Alexa Helper” and “HTD Lync 6/12”.

You’re right, I never published it. But you can manually install pretty easily, just look at GitHub instructions.

Any reason you aren’t publishing it? Seems like a good plugin.

I’m waiting for next firmware, when it will gain full access to new features.

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