Amazon alexa announcement if a vera device door sensor is open/close

SMart life door sensor okay. Which model of Alexa does your sensor connect to? I think it only works ONLY the newer model with the built in HUB? Do you find it reliable? How is the battery life?

Basically there are two work arounds for this feature right now. First is buy an Echo plus which has zigbee support for sensors. Not all sensors work, but Amazon provides a “works with” list. The hub is $150.00 and then there are the sensors which are $20-30 each. In addition, you also have multiple sensors on each door.

The second, which I prefer and use, is to buy a Smartthings hub for $70.00 and create a bunch of virtual switches to trigger routines. Vera can trip Smartthings virtual switches without bridging by using http commands sent through WebCore. I spent a long time trying to figure out the easiest way to do this and would like to give credit this post by BruceNH who set me on the right path.

After you set-up the virtual device in Smartthings and obtain the http command in Webcore, the Vera part is simple by using a LUUP comand like:


You do not need to buy a smarthing for this. You can just use home assistant which also has this same hacky way to make the alexa device a media player to which you can send TTS. I have mine setup this way with ability to send TTS to each individual speaker or to all but if like me you have multiple echo devices and want announcements to all of them, they will go one at a time and will not be synced up like the sonos does.

This has been over a year now. When will this be added? I can see status of my door lock via Alexa and ask whether the door is locked or unlocked but the status for a door or window sensor has not been implemented.

My original message was hidden because it was flagged as going against the community standard. So I will rephrase it. How much longer will it take to have alexa announce that a sensor is open or close is an excellent question, I have no idea, I do hope that it is implemented soon as it has been sometime that Amazon made this available.

What’s more confusing is the response that it is a security issue. If its a security issue how can the door lock be available but not any kind of door or window sensor statuses. It seems that other controllers have already implemented this.

This will, of course, require a new Vera Skill which is already work in progress.

Amazon Alexa API has gone a long way since its inception and we’ve worked with them almost from the beginning. This is now a well documented and accepted feature which will be part of the Vera capabilities as well.

We just need more time.


So correct me if I’m wrong but this is doable right now by adding a second door contact but not configuring for security? I can get the 2Gig door contacts from my local low voltage guy for cheap but need to verify 100% it will work.

Thank you for the response. Do you have any idea on a time frame for this?

Any updates?

Another alternative to make this work is to be able to develop an alexa app where we can trigger voice announcements through scenes in vera. that might be easier than configuring vera to be recognized as devices in alexa. HTH

Not yet, I will surely keep you posted, when the new skill is closing the release date.

It’s 2020 now, how much longer do we have to wait for this?

I can’t even create an Alexa routine to speak information using Vera devices as a trigger, which is really daft.

May wanna have a look at this in the mean time


Cheers, I’ll do that.

Its been only 5 months. Give them another 7 months :slight_smile:

Argh, I was so pumped but it doesn’t appear to support Amazon accounts with MFA. :cry:

If you go down a few posts there’s a guide to get the cookie file and bypass it I believe!


Well, if you have a spare machine with open luup, it could do it. It’s just missing a package on Vera to support it. I never tried it, but it should be doable by directly changing the .sh script.

Hi. This is now possible in Vera via the luup codes from therealdb. It can already do announcements if a door sensor is opened/closed and A LOT MORE! Alexa can even tell you your home summary similar to the dashboard page in a report format you specify, upon demand :smiley:

Hope Vera can support that initiative to lessen the learning curve on the implementation for other users and to open up more possibilities.

My concern now is if my veraplus has enough processing power and memory to run all my devices, scenes and luup codes. Looking forward to the veraplus upgrade from Ezlo teased few weeks ago

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