am i stupid o doesn't PLEG work?

I am new to this PLEG thing and tried to make just a single PLEG. But i can’t get it to work.

For test purpose i created a virtual switch and i want that to trigger my living room light and my christmas lights on the balcony.

So i did like this:

Trigger Input: virtual_on - VirtualSwitch is turned on
Condition: lights_on = virtual_on
Action: lights_on and choose my two devices that i want to turn on

Is there anymore??
Because when i set the virtual switch to on, nothing happens.

What am i doing wrong?

Another forum user kindly shared these with me and they were all i needed to get my head around pleg

Try them and if not, icome back and we will try to figure it out

I tried them with no luck

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@jolerius, is your PLEG Armed? If not, Actions will not be executed.

If you post the Status report from PLEG, we may be able to help you.

well, i fixed it. It was bypassed.
Didn’t know it hade to be armed.

But why is there even an option to bypass? Why don’t let it be armed forever??

Do i need to create one pleg for every thing i want to do? Or can i have them all in one pleg?

I have one PLEG that I use the arm/bypass feature on. It’s for something that I want to happen once a day when certain criteria are met and I reset it at night. You could do the same thing other ways, but the arm/bypass was what made sense for me. Also - say you had a PLEG that controlled some lighting automatically based on environmental things (motion sensor, door opening, etc). You might want to disable that when you have a guest. You can bypass the PLEG while you have a guest and that’ll do the trick.

It should be noted that bypassing simply stops that ACTIONS from occurring. Conditions are still evaluated.

The topic of one vs many PLEGs has been discussed elsewhere, but the gist is to do what works best for you. Each additional PLEG instance will have a bit of extra overhead, but when you have a bunch of inputs in a single PLEG, all conditions get evaluated if one input changes.

I have one PLEG for occupancy (who is home based on inputs), one for internal lights and one for external (schedules and reaction to environment), and one general PLEG for all of the bits that don’t fit into the others.