Am I seeing a neighbors devices?

I just purchased a new Vera Lite. Powered it up and created my account. so far so good, however it is currently showing 5 devices on it, and when I make changes it reacts and says the change was made. It says “sending command” and then “command successful”

Now I don’t have any devices in my home yet. Am I seeing a neighbors devices? should I be able to do that? If I am seeing a neighbors devices that makes me a little nervous, once I get devices what is to stop them from seeing mine and taking over control?

Thanks in advance.

To add to this I’ve done a little more digging. And the VeraLite that registered and I’m connecting to the serial# and MAC address are both off by one number from mine. I originally thought oh maybe I typed it in wrong, but so removed it and added it again. When I added it the autofill showed me I did enter it correctly the first time but I tried it again anyway. It connected to the same one, one digit off on both s# and Mac and showed the same devices connected to it…

Anyone have any ideas what it going on?

The way Z-Wave works, you would not be able to see your neighbor’s devices. You seem to be “seeing” someone else’s Vera due to an error in the Vera servers.

Your problem is hilarious, in the sense that you are controlling someone else’s lights and they are probably going out of their mind.

This is very bad and quite serious because you should not ever be able to gain access to a system not your own.

You should contact Vera support immediately so that they can rectify this issue!

I’m waiting to see a corresponding thread about losing control of my 5 devices…:slight_smile:

[quote=“zedrally, post:4, topic:184281”]I’m waiting to see a corresponding thread about losing control of my 5 devices…:)[/quote]I am also looking for that thread. LOL

Just an FYI, I did email Vera and explained the situation. They basically said they found the issue and took care of it, but didn’t really say what the issue was, so hopefully it really is taken care of…

They do not want to explain the error. Too embarrassing.

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