Am i mad to think about moving from Vera/z-Wave to Loxone?

Hi all.

In my initial quest for HA i started to look at Loxone kit. My house was cabled and prepared for a Loxone install but due to money i went with z-wave devices. I have since purchased a fair few devices but i seem to be looking more and more into moving to another system. Has anyone else looked at Loxone?

Am i mad to look else where to change?

I like the hardware from Loxone.
I like that their “Air” wall switches have thermostats in them. The switches look nice.
Looks more reliable and responsive than Vera.

I dont like the fact i cant find much on GeoFencing or any “VeraProximity” equivalent.
I think a like for like system will be more money for Loxone
Im not sure what Loxone can do which i cant already achieve with my current set up

I know i mentioned the light switches have thermostas which would tie nicely with UFH loxone actuators, but i set a temp on all thermostats and leave it all year round, theres no need to change the temp. so that answers my own question…

Maybe i need to find a new hobby :slight_smile: