Always ARM Sensor

Almost embarrassed to ask, but what is a nice clean way to always ARM a sensor when Vera is started, i.e. after power down etc. It’s a water leak detector, and no reason to ever “BYPASS” it.

The “LaundryRoomWaterDetected” scene just sends a message via PROWL to my iPhone with some LUUP code, but will only run if the sensor is ARMed, even though the trigger is set to - “A Sensor is tripped”?

you can add a line that arms it by adding to the startup Lua

If it should always be armed then why not create a scene that sets it to armed every 5 minutes (or whatever internal you want)?

sure, but its not necessary to do that so many times every day.

actually, the sensor should return to its armed state after a luup restart or even a reboot.