Altui Offline

It looks like is offline, so no altui login. Does anyone know what’s going on?

That’s my site – I had forgotten it was being used for AltUI. I didn’t renew my hosting. The code is still up for another month until the contract expires, but I moved the domain. I can see about re-pointing it for the remaining days, but hopefully someone can pick up the torch on this.

We can probably do that. Who do I contact?


And while on it. There is a problem if you have an Ezlo controller on the same account. Then you do not get a list of your controllers. I might be able to help updating the script to handle this.

Cheers Rene

the PHP code is in

it “just” requires a web server with PHP and https enabled.

Thanks amg0, I have loaded the files in the Remote folder and I can log in, but I just get a landing page with “Remote Login to Vera Alternate UI” on it. Otherwise blank.


could you tell me why the ALTUI remote access continue offline?

The person who was hosting it has not renewed the URL. I am attempting to get it hosted on my site but it’s not working so far.

@fullmoonguru @amg0
I’ve setup a login instance at my webserver. Will stay active as long as I stay in business, so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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Thanks for doing that and I hope you stay in business forever. I was able to get AltUI back up and running.

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Many thanks to olov!!!

thank you Olov, I have changed the remote access url in the next version of the app

Great, happy to help out.

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