Altsteon: Development or 0.08 build?


I have Altsteon 0.08 working on my new Vera3 system so far and all looks good. I’ve noticed several references to the development build and features in there like keypad lights and PLM linking. I also noticed that the last build time on the development branch was 10 months ago.

While I do not have keypads now, I will soon.

Is there any reason NOT to install the development version? I’m guessing from the lack of warnings/complaints, it’s been pretty stable for a while (and more than a few folks are using it).

Also, is there a list of changes so far? I looked at it and didn’t see a changelog or equivilent



I can’t think of a reason to avoid the development build.

Looking thought the commits, I see the following updates:

  • Fixed issues with X10 commands
  • Fixed service names for Insteon thermostats
  • Added Leak Sensor support
  • Added support for new dual band KPLs
  • Added experimental electronic linking
  • Small fix for IOLinc
  • Added support for Insteon Smoke Bridge
  • Changed listener to only listen on loopback unless specified
  • Added service to set KPL backlight brightness
  • Added “Long name” field to devices

Thanks – I’ll look into it.

While on the (semi-related) topic, is there a better way to get all the .xml files uploaded than to upload each individual one at a time? I’m very shell/ssh/scp conversant (I was just going to upload them, but saw they are processed in some way). Just trying to avoid a lot of tedious individual file uploads.