Alternate solution for alarm panel wiring

I was wondering if I could utilize the wires running to the door jambs and the wires sticking out of a few corners intended for motion sensors that ADT installed during construction for Zwave sensor use instead of a dsc alarm panel.
I’m thinking along the lines of aeon labs sensor for wired contact closure, but it’s a long run and may not be very cost effective or reliable. Does anyone have any experience or advice they could share? I have a hunch that the panel is the best way to go. But had to ask first.

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There are some hardware hacks that people have posted here for supplying a constant 5 V power to their (normally) battery-operated Z-Wave sensors. You’d need two wires. I bet the cables you already have have got four or more. You shouldn’t lose much voltage over the cable run.

That said, you’ll get a better user experience with a proper alarm panel, if you choose one that Vera supports.