Already have kwickset door lock, any benefit to getting a Schlage touch screen

Already have two kwickset deadbolts, no issues. Was looking at the Schlage touch screen motorized deadbolt and was wondering if there was any pros to adding one of them. I have seen several threads on the Schlage already,seem to work fine but I have not concluded yet as many reviews were quite dated.


IF you don’t suffer from the batteries being drained quickly then no, stay with what works as these devices aren’t cheap. I had two Kwiksets and they ate batteries like crazy. I since swapped one out for a Schlage (maybe 1 year ago) and I’ve only had to replace the batteries once in that. Going to pull the Kwikset for the garage entry and replace it as well…

I would agree, stay with what works. But there is one point of difference with the Schlage’s and that is that most of the dead bolt versions have a higher physical security rating than Quicksets.

they are a pretty expensive thing to swap out if you don’t have a good reason.

I have 2 Schlage Camelot locks. They are about 5 months old and are at 97% battery usage. I like them.

I like when people bring this up. They usually have a another door without a z-wave lock on it that has a lower rating or the same as the quickset. Truth is I can brake into a house with either lock on the door and more then likely I won’t even brake the door lock at all getting in.

You may get into mine. Getting out unscathed however is a different story. Remember the bar scene in the movie K9? :wink:

Yeah I know to bring steaks to your house, but seriously I just ment the ANSI rating is not the best way to tell how secure anything is. Not many people still find picking locks the easy way to break in. Funny part is statistic’s show and unlock door or window the most popular way for a bugler to get in.

On the Serious side, Quickset uses a different gauge of key then Schlage, so if you want matching multi-keys (like the manual key for your z-wave lock needs to match your backdoor lock that is non-z-wave) that is another thing to consider when changing brands. You aren’t going to be able to share keys between Quickset and Schlage. I don’t know what other brands of door locks use the Schlage sized key, the type of key the Quickset uses is much more common

Both brands can be re-keyed so you can have matching locks on your exterior doors as long as they use the same key type.

Thanks all,

I will stay with what I have. Thought maybe there would be some additional cool features worth the change.


Check your polling interval on your locks that are draining so fast. You might find that the polling interval is set way to frequently.

When I first got my Schlage’s, Vera set the polling interval to every 2 minutes. Drained the battery in a manner of weeks. After resetting the polling interval to something much more reasonable (like every 3 hours or more), batteries started lasting quite a lot longer.

So how does that bugler get in? He blows his horn until the door falls down? Steaks? Nah, they are trained to prefer Rocky Mountain Oysters in case of trespassers. :wink: