Allow tap on/off for dimmer to control different device

Apologies if this is already possible, haven’t been able to find anything. I’m wondering if it would be possible to allow the tap on/off control for dimmers to control a different device on the Vera?

I have a number of Aeotec screw-in RGBWW bulbs that after a power failure (or if someone turns the light switch off and back on) default to turning on instead of remembering state. As you can imagine, this is a pain at night. As a work around, I have a virtual switch for each bulb that indicates the ‘requested’ status of each bulb, and then I have a PLEG that ensures the actual status matches the requested status. I also have a single button controller next to each real light switch (actually the Aeotec panic button) that is set to trigger a scene that toggles the virtual switch state for that light.

This means I need two controls on the homewave screen, an on/off for the virtual switch and a dimmer control for the actual bulb, with the tap on/off disabled. It would be awesome if this could be a single control.

If you are using a z-wave device to turn on/off via toggle action but you still have the standard switch next to it, why not just replace the standard switch with a z-wave light switch. The lamp will come on when powered on and must be off if the switch is off. You can still colour change as before. Use the panic switch somewhere else.

Couple of reasons:

  1. Got the panic buttons on sale very cheaply
  2. I have not found any zWave wall switches on the AU/NZ frequency :frowning:

I’ve thought about using Fibaro Binary Sensor module with the existing switches, but they are at least twice the price I got the panic buttons for.

Did not appreciate your location. You have to pick what you can get.

Yeah, the choices we get over here are extremely limited, but it is what it is.