All setup GONE elzo Plus

I just lost all setup and pairing to my EZLO PLUS!!! It went back to Defaults!!! No time zone NOTHNING!!!

This is crazy. The only thing remaining is alexa!

Reboot everything and try again

Face the same problem, everything is gone only google, alexa and a virtual device is left. switches and sensors gone. Not sure what caused this. I was playing around with the restore backup that didn’t work and the I selected the option Reboot Ezlo. After these actions I had a “new fresh” hub. Using the mobile app I first had to select a region and then found that Alexa, Google and a virtual device was in.

@Oleh @oleg.macovei

You better take a look at this one.


Ohh heck yes everything is gone!!! The only thing it had was Amazon Alexa - and after it asked to set time and date…It had my device name!!! Well i guess 90% on the items I attempted to pair none was working correctly (NOT fully integrated-but they “get credit for them”!!!) I open tickets on for over 3 weeks-everything is now gone??? YES I did power cycled the unit and it sat overnight!!! Still gone!!

Be careful. The reboot command name is very poorly chosen. It is a factory reset of the Ezlo. I had the same running the hub.reboot command via the API tool.

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Rene really?

I think I have also pressed that same button and it didn’t factory reset my hub.

How do you know this?

Thank you.

Thanks, that would explain what I’m seeing. Just too bad the restore an old back-up doesn’t work yet. I only had some test devices that disappeared so no problem.

Good morning Fredthetiredman,

We would like to schedule a call to troubleshoot the unit, please respond to Tier 2 rep Mayker in the ticket, so we can better assist you.


I have emailed back and forth with Mayker- he did not address the “factory reset” issue but did help out. He did a workaround on an issue.

What Does “REBOOT” actually mean to the EZLO platform?!?? “Complete factory reset??” if I “reboot” any device is does a “restart” -
Some operating systems "reboot " by an ACPI command, which "restarts " the computer. Restart is vague, and can mean the same as reboot , or a reload of the current operating system (without the boot loader), or even just restarting the user mode part of the operating system, leaving the kernel mode memory intact.

Hi @fredthetiredman,
In the current release its soft reset.

With the next deploy this page will be updated with:

  • Hub reboot (just a reboot).
  • Soft reset
  • Factory reset
  • information about all addons/plugins installed on the hub and their versions.

Reboot was a very bad choice of word then.


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