All Scenes With A Device

I have my thermostat adjust based on the security systems status. For the last few weeks on alarm disarm the thermostat will set to the correct temperature for like 2 seconds then sets back to the away temperature. I can’t for the live of me figure out which scene/trigger is screwing it back up. Is there a way to see all scenes that effect a device? I’ve watched the LuaUPnP.log and not been able to figure it out from there. Next step is just deleting every single scene/trigger and starting over I am so fed up with it all.,15360.msg116759.html#msg116759

Or, perhaps see the Triggers tile on your Dashboard Overview page just after this event takes place.

Thanks for the link. It was exactly what I wanted. Sadly it shows only the 2 scenes that I know effect it any should. (Alarm Alarmed/Disarmed). I had tried the Dashboard before and it wasn’t any help either.

did you review all of the delays in your scene to make sure that you are not affecting the thermostat in the same scene?

Just a thought…

Is the thermostats value you’re referring to, on the Vera UI or on the thermostat itself?

If it’s on the UI then it’s quite possible that Vera is reflecting the required change, but that message is not being sent/received by the thermostat, which is why when Vera polls or the thermostats wakes up - the temperature value on the UI is then reset to what the thermostat still believes it is set to.

I had a similar issue with a Danfoss thermostatic radiator valve, i would update the temp on Vera, it would seem to keep it for a short while and then it would revert back. I later found out I had a communication issue with the node.

Can you confirm the thermostat itself updates with the required value change and then changes back.
It would be good to compare what you see on the UI and what occurs in reality.

Also If Vera transacts those changes, it would be in the logs.

You can use plugins like DataMine or EventWatcher to track setpoint changes so you have another record to refer to.

Hope that helps.