All Scenes Named "New Scene"

I don’t see this addressed anywhere on the forum, but every scene I have created after scene #9 is called “New Scene.” I don’t see a way of renaming them… Is this a UI problem or is it unique to me?

Thanks in advance for help anyone can provide?

You should be able to edit the scene from the dashboard. Click on the wrench in the upper right corner. On any of the tabs, the scene name ‘New Scene’ is in the upper right. Click on it and it should allow you to edit to whatever name you wish. I amy using Vera2, UI4, 1047 at ppresent.

In Australia the editable name is in the upper right (everything is backwards there), but here in the States it’s found in the upper LEFT above the tabs.


I wanted to mention that anytime you edit a field in the pop-up boxes make sure to click outside of the field after you are done to enter (field greys out a bit and becomes lighter). I wasn’t able to close the pop-up box until I did this and I couldn’t get another field to keeps its value until I made sure to take focus off of that field (by clicking off field)before closing. FYI.

Thanks to everyone that replied…

That worked great…