ALL notifications are failing

Does anyone know why notifications start failing? They have been working properly, but SMS and emails are now failing.



Micasaverde only allows a certain number of SMS messages in a day. This can be an issue if there are a number of people in the house going in and out of the door. Or using any number of devices that are using SMS. Is there any way to get around this restriction?

you can increase the max number for email alerts (default is 20) but for SMS I don’t think you can increase that.

Can you make it so that when the door opens, depending on the time of day, will allow the SMS text messages to go through?

I feel that being able to set a time for SMS alerts would help this problem.

SMS messages can be sent via the carrier-specific Email → SMS bridge. In this case, you’d setup “extra users”, associated with your system, that have the Email address of the Email->SMS bridge.

eg. [tt]guessed_sms[/tt] → [tt][/tt]

The message formatting gets a little messed up using this model, but anyone in the US is probably used to this as MiOS SMS messages are already delivered using this technique.

Then these accounts can be associated with the relevant Event/Scene notifications, and they’ll be sent via the Email-based limits/restrictions, not the SMS-based ones.