All My Devices have "Failed to Configure"

My devices have ALL failed to configure. Everything seems OK, was just adding 2 new Thermostats. Got them installed and nothing would :'(work. I “healed” the system to see if that would help. Then I installed a back-up from around 5:30 today. Nothing seems to help. Any suggestions PLEASE?

This happened to my father’s unit today. Vera would not communicate with any of the devices. I ended up doing a retsore including restoring the zwave chip. This is a check mark when you are at the backup/restore tab. I used a restore from a few days ago (prior to the issues happening). After the restore the unit functioned correctly. I believe his issue was caused by a power outage the other day.

  • Garrett

So that I understand. Do I “Reset Zwave chip” and then do a “Restore” from one of my old backups?

I tried doing the Chip reset and reloaded several backups. None seem to work. I installed some other plugs and tried to pair them. This seeems to be ok. I am not looking forward to redoing my entire set up. Just dont want to redo it again and then what ever happened happens again! :cry:

First log in to the mios site, then under My Mios systems, select backups and download your most recent known good backup.

Then go into the dashboard and go to the toolbox group and hit Advanced, then select Backup, hit Restore but make sure you check the box “Restore Dongle firmware”. Wait about 15 minutes and you should reboot, and you should be good to go. That fixed things for me in a similar situation. (but the z wave device configurations keep screwing up every few days but not all at once.)

You should not have to do the reset the z wave chip command. I think the restore should fix it but since you added new devices they may not be restored.

Thank you! that did it! Only lost today’s work! ;D ;D

thanks. you save me. but i think the problem was when i tried to installed the thermostad. i heard that another people had the same problem.

My network suddenly “gave up” on me with ‘Device failed to configure’ on all of my devices. I was reading another post about the CT-30 radio failing and this problem. (can’t seem to find that post now). Anyways I pulled out the radio after pulling the “C” wire on the thermostat and viola my network is happy again.