All iOS beta Apps expired (Vera & MIOS)

Hi, this morning I tried to launch the Vera app on my iPhone but it wouldn’t launch do to the beta expiring so I tried the MIOS app and the same thing. I checked TestFlight and new versions are not available. Please advise.

all the appstore apps are the latest…it has all the features of the betas you had @blacey

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Thanks @Melih, I deleted the betas and installed the official versions and am good to go.

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Are there any “cloud” connectivity you would need that we could provide using NuCAL?
Or is there any “IP” device you want to control using our Generic Wifi plugin?

(just asking to see if there are any usecases we can help with).

Just Ambient weather and json/xml parsing :slight_smile:

And this was the the beginning of my use case.

Apparently eWeLink changed their API recently and its now broken in Node Red and Home Remote dashboard app.

So that would be a nice one to have in Nucal.