All devices disappeared from Vera Plus controller except for the new device I just added

I have a Vera Plus controller running firmware 1.7.5186 (7.31). I added a HomeSeer dimmer switch (HS-WD200+) yesterday using “Generic Z-wave Device”. It was included into Vera as expected and works just fine through the app. the issue I am having is this new device is now the only device listed and the other 30+ devices I already had have disappeared. I have tried to access these devices on my iPhone Vera app or using a direct connection to the hub through my browser and they don’t appear in either place. I have tested my Alexa and Google homes and just get the typical “this device has not been set up message”. I have done a Reboot by going to Settings → Net & wifi → Reboot, but that did not bring anything back.

Just looking to see if anyone else has had this issue and how they resolved it. Or even if you have not had this issue, do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Its unusual for that to happen on a Vera hub. So can’t say why it might have happened.

However your best bet if the devices are really gone? Is to restore from a backup and restore the Z-Wave network at the same time as well.

However before you do that try this URL in a browser, what devices does it list ?


I get a “Cant reach this page” message in both Edge and Chrome.

Did you change the part of the URL that says “YOUR-VERA-IP” to the local IP address of your Vera hub ?

If you decide to restore a backup go to this web page and login with your Vera account username and password.

Connect to the Vera hub that has the problem.

Then in the UI7 web GUI go to Settings - Backup .

Select a backup date before the problems started and tick “Restore Z-Wave Network”. Then click the “Restore”

This will hopefully get you back to where you were before and all the missing devices should come back.

You will then need to attempt to pair your new device again.

Thank you. I am not sure how to find my Vera IP address to run that URL you sent me. I do, however, see all of my backups, so I could try that first and then try to pair the switch again and see what happens.

Did you not use the Vera’s local IP address to do that?

You could look on your router admin page to see what local IP address the Vera has been given. Also it should ideally be a static IP address that does not change. You might have a setting for your Vera device on your router to ensure the router keeps its IP the same all the time. For example on my Asus router its called “MAC and IP Address Binding” and I enable that for my Vera hub etc.