Alexa Vera Plus "No controllers found on your account!"

I run the last firmware.
Alexa doesn’t see my vera plus!
No from app and no from the browser.
Any help or Idea?
I want to sent it back because my only purpose was to have a z-wave zigbee gateway in one.
Thanks for help!

You have to login here

Then click the little down arrow and select “Manage Alexa” from the menu.

In here you can select the Vera Devices and a Scenes that you want to expose to Alexa.

Then in the Alexa app you need to install and link the Vera Control skill and sync it etc

I made everything since two days!
No controller still!


So when you first login to the Vera portal website do you see your Vera controller listed there? and can you Connect to it?


OK that’s very unusual I’ve not seen this happen before.

Have you raised a support ticket with Vera support? There is obviously something messed up on your account.

Only thing I can suggest is to remove the controller from your account and add it again.

I remove the controller and add it again…still nothing!

In that case I’d contact Vera support.

I assume you have searched the forum for this issue?

I’ve not seen it before.

sent a ticket to them through the website.

Same issue.

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Me, too.
Any resolution?