Alexa, Vera and Yale

Our Yale door lock works with Vera and also works using apps. With Alexa, the skill is enabled, a code is requested by Alexa when commanded to unlock but it does not perform the unlock. On the ‘Manage Alexa’ menu (Vera screen after log in but prior to selecting the controller) the lock is enabled.

Any suggestions?

Ezlo have not updated the vera skill to work with locks, security sensors and window coverings, so there is nothing you can do.

I have window coverings, motion and window sensors working with our VeraPlus. Everything works except for the connection between Alexa and VeraPlus.

And until Ezlo update the vera alexa skill they will not work via alexa.

It would be nice if they would get on with it.

Scheduling and automation is good but voice control is the top tier and makes tactile control obsolete.

If you want alexa control, a lot of people run node-red or HA bridge, you can then create your own alexa controls. Bonus is that its can be local and much improved response times.

Probably better to just wait for the fix. I put an unlock scene on the Octan zwave plus remotes to hold us over until they get it done. Pushing a button isn’t a big inconvenience but I’m having issues wit the Octans too. They turn on lights when unlocking the door even though it’s not on the menu. They also have slow response times compared to other inputs including Alexa.

Ezlo are not going to fix the vera alexa skill. They are not bothered about it and are really only working on the Ezlo hubs. A work around would be create a scene to unlock door and then create alexa routines to run the scenes.

That’s been tried and does not work. As mentioned in the opener, the skill is enabled, Alexa asks for the unlock code after being told to run the scene, I get a ding confirming a successful command sent, and then nothing happens. If the same scene is launched by any other means it works.

And why would alexa ask for a pin code to run an vera scene?

Try a virtual switch that runs a scene to unlock door.

I don’t know. It was part of the set up.

I’m wondering if the new Ezlo Secure handles the Yale locks with full integration. Also if the new controllers can start off using a backup from a VeraPlus.

Ezlo should be fine as the alexa skill has been updated to include locks and sensors etc

I’m interested, but it is a lot of effort to move each switch and sensor over to the Ezlo. It would be smart if they planned the upgrades so that it could be done from a back up.

There is a vera bridge plugin for ezlo, you will find it on github, and there is a thread on this forum

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