Alexa, Vera and Cameras

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So I was trying to create an emergency scene for my wife so that if I’m gone she can activate if she hears a prowler etc. I want the scene to 1. turns on all connected lights in the house, 2. sets off the siren and 3. Start all the cameras in the house recording video. Unfortunately, the Alexa app is telling me cameras are prohibited. I won’t get into why I think it is absolutely stupid for a passive device like a camera to be prohibited and just ask if someone has a Lua way around this?

BTW I am using the Blue Iris app to create the cameras with BI running on a separate computer in my secured server room.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.



There’s a couple ways to integrate Blue Iris into Alexa. You can add Alexa as a user in the Blue Iris interface, see the BI PDF for details. Then you can switch BI profiles by asking Alexa to turn Blue Iris to xx%. The xx is an increment of 10 and the first number represents the profile number. So 10% would be profile 1 as an example. This could likely be added to an Alexa Routine through the app.

The other option is a Vera scene using Lua. I don’t have that handy, but check the Blue Iris plugin thread in this forum to get what you need. Then you can name the scene after Alexa discovers it. I use sayings such as “turn on porch mode” to turn off those cameras if I plan to sit on my porch, as an example.

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You can change profiles in BlueIris with this code:

[quote=“RogerO, post:3, topic:199721”]You can change profiles in BlueIris with this code:

That is what I use when I change to Away/Night/Vacation mode (profile 1) and profile 0 in Home mode.