Alexa unable to detect and operate ezlo devices

Has anyone else noticed that Alexa is no longer working with Ezlo devices? I have reported it to Support but I don’t see any outage notifications and apparently no timeline for it to start working again.

Is this forum still in use? I don’t see many recent posts.
Thanks for any info someone can offer.

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Hi @Myhome, the engineering team is working on a proper solution to all “voice enabled” services requirements from Alexa to Google including Siri, so you probably hear Alexa saying “Device is not responding”/ “I have not found any device or group named device_name”.
We do want our users to benefit from Voice enabled capabilities and we are re-architecting how this should be delivered to our users.
Thank you for your patience, we are on this full time!

I have this issue also. I posted about it here: Device is not responding - #35 by chuckf2

Any updates on the Alexa ezlo skil issuel? I’m still trying every single day to enable the skill and make it work…. no joy.

The amount of time it’s taking to fix what should be a pretty simple thing to do is getting borderline Ridiculous. If your engineers don’t know how to do it can you not engage with Amazon for help?

Gees, my patience is running thin

Look, I’m seriously considering dumping my Ezlo Secure hub and buying another brand that does have Alexa access.

The cost of this option would be hundreds dollars.

***I’m willing to pay for you guys to fix this issue ***+. Just so I don’t have to go back and re-engineer my whole freaking smart home. is money any incentive to your engineers at all?

Should we start a go fund me page so you can hire someone qualified?

Hello @Myhome

Alexa integration is already being taken care of by our developers. Please keep an eye on new EZLogic releases at Company Talks - Ezlo Community for information about the fix available listed on the changelogs.

We appreciate your understanding.