Alexa Skill not controlling devices

When I ask Alexa to preform the simple function of turning a light off or on, it replies [the device] does not support that function. I can work around this in some instances by creating a group and placing the device in the group. However, this will not work for all devices or when I place certain devices together in a group. Basically, the Alexa skill us useless to control my Ezlo network devices.

You have an Ezlo hub or an older Vera hub ?

The voice assistant integration with both hubs is rather problematic. They are meant to be re-writing it all from the ground up they say but I haven’t seen or heard much about it actually happening?

I have my Alexa linked to both a Vera hub and to an Ezlo hub and I just asked her to turn on and off some devices from both hubs and it was working the devices were operated OK.

I assume you have looked at the voice assistant portal pages at in the drop down menu and selected which devices and scenes you want to appear in the Alexa app.

Use the ones in Green if you have a Vera hub and the ones in Orange if you have an Ezlo hub.