Alexa skill in GB

My Alexa stopped working with Vera earlier in the week. My guess is that this is to do with the end of the beta for the Alexa skill.

However, with the new skill setup I can’t say to Alexa ‘lights on’ , for instance, to turn the lights on in a particular room with its own Alexa.

I’ve setup the group but when I say ‘lights on’ it responds ‘sorry, I can’t find ceiling lights’. These ceiling lights aren’t in the same group though.

Any thoughts or advice

My scenes and devices stopped functioning in the Amazon routines. Something is broken in the current Amazon Vera skill.

I can manually run any Vera scene or Vera device from the Android Amazon app, and I can turn on any Vera device through voice commands, but Vera devices and scenes that are embedded within Amazon routines, no longer work. I tried re-creating the routines and they still fail. I’m pretty sure it’s not the routine that is the problem as non-vera actions, such as Harmony Hub skill scenes, do activate within routines.

I’ve been having a few issues recently, with the Amazon Alexa app saying some devices are offline, I’ve remove the devices and re-added them but they immediately go offline! I’ve also changed the device names in Vera to no avail.

I often get ‘sorry, I can’t find lights’ with devices that are online, usually after I have shouted at Alexa numerous times the lights come on!!

Its very frustrating :angry:

You need to be a little careful not to conflate Alexa not being able to reach Vera due to Alexa issues / internet / stuff with Vera devices being off line.

Typically I find the former happens far more often than the latter.