Alexa Skill beta issue

Before the Alexa skill was available in Canada there was a beta version available which allowed us Canadians to use Alexa with Vera. After the official version was released to everyone I tried to disable the beta skill and enable the non beta version. No matter what I do I can never seem to get rid of the beta version of the skill. If I enable the non-beta Vera skill, in the ?your skills? section it shows the beta skill enabled (screenshot attached). I?ve been on support with the Alexa team and was directed to get support from the developers. I was wondering if anyone has been having the same issue as me, and if you found a workaround.

I’ve noticed that you have a trouble ticket opened in our system about this issue.

I will raise its priority and try to find a resolution in the coming days.

We’ll keep you posted.

I have the same ?issue?, the alexa skill is marked as ?dev us?.
Any updates on the topic ?

Hi there,

We’ve pushed a new Vera Skill which contains the new localizations, for approval to Amazon (French, Italian, German, Japanese).
The people that remained on the development skill will get notified as soon as we clear things with Amazon regarding beta tests.

Stay tuned.

I have also been affected by this issue… as a result of linking the production version of the skill, the dev version of the skill is activated upon account linking. Unfortunately, this comes with all of the old bugs of the beta version. The old version is plagued by unreliable and often slow responses. Enabling the new version of the skill and performing device discovery allows the new version to work for a short while. Eventually, the devus version of the skill takes over (usually about a day, but can be as much as a week later).

I have tried all manner of removing the beta skills from the Alexa portal, including removal of all existing discovered devices and all versions of the Vera Control skill. The dev version simply cannot be permanently deleted. This is a huge time investment for a temporary fix, as it requires re-associating devices with groups and routines once again.

I have a case number opened for the Alexa skill UI team after wading through various levels of technical support, but I’m not holding my breath.