Alexa says that the device isn?t in my account - but only for ON commands

?Alexa, turn off the kitchen light.?

?OK?. (Light turns off)

?Alexa, turn on the kitchen light.?

?I couldn?t find a device or group named ?kitchen light? in Joseph?s account.?

?Alexa, turn off the kitchen light.?


Basically this is happening for several devices that were working just fine previously.

Anyone else?

(And for some reason the quotes and apostrophes in this post were converted to question marks…)

Same issue here, spent an hour or so with Amazon on Sunday. I got to a tier 3 tech, who gave up and said they would get back to me. (cue the sound of crickets).

I have had to resort to making scenes for lights, as those commands still work. It is only the ON command for devices that seems to have a problem.

Hello there guys,

As a cold suggestion, make sure you don’t use any beta or development skill.Also try to remove skill, re-install it again, and link it again with Vera.