Alexa Hub Not Connected

Over the last couple of week when asking Alexa to run a scene the scene runs ok but Alexa then says " the hub that device garden lights is connected to is not responding please check the network connection"

Anyone else experiencing this ? is there a cure it pretty annoying :wink:

PS I have disabled the skill, reenabled and discovered but no difference

Hello @Nevillebriggs,
We have just implemented a cloud fix for this issue. Please disable/enable the skill one more time and let me know if the issue persists.
Kind regards!

Brilliant :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: working fine now, thank you

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I don’t know why but Alexa is not connecting also in my end.

Hello @jessica.bullet,
We have sent you an email to know more about the issue and start the troubleshooting. Please make sure to check your email.
Kind regards!

I am experiencing similar issues. All of the Z-Wave devices that use my Vera Plus as a hub are now listed as unresponsive in Alexa. They work fine through the Vera app, but I cannot control them through Alexa. I’ve rebooted Vera Plus, disabled the Vera skill and then re-enabled, linked my account and selected the Z-Wave devices I wanted to control through Alexa. Still listed as “unresponsive”. Is there something else I can try? I’m seeing lots of similar comments regarding the Vera skill for Alexa over the last couple of months.

Hi @markswoods,
We have sent you an email too with the same purpose. Please make sure to check your email.

Also, we kindly invite our customers having issues with Alexa and Vera/Ezlo to let us know at
Best regards!

My scenes with multiple devices on my Vera Plus always says “xxxx” isn’t responding. Thoughts?


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