Alexa ( Homebridge): device is not responding


I have set up about a year ago the homebridge on one of my computers to control 3 Alexa dots in my home. The Alexa skill for vera doesn’t work since I was unable to start scenes.

It was working fine untill some weeks ago. Now I get reguarly “device is not responding”, and lots of times the deive is responding in the mean time ( but not always) . When I controll the device directly via vera ( imperihome) the devices work fine.

Anyone has an idea how to troubleshoot this?


My idea is generic although… I would start by rebooting the vera. If that didn’t help, I’d remove the alexa app and then re-install, followed by rebooting the vera.

I’ve had a few glitches with my vera that caused a lot of headache until, I rebooted and they issue magically went away.

@ Markcm, I use the homebridge so no app. and allready rebooted the computer where the homebridge is running from.