Alexa discovers switches as plugs or lights

Lights I have no problem with.

But why would it recognize a switch as a plug? I’m trying to group two switches and it’s not letting me. I think it’s because of this.

Does every switch have to have a unique name in order for this to work?

Currently my kitchen lights are “kitchen lights” and the kitchen table are “kitchen table lights.” I want to group that into “kitchen.” I guess that would cause a problem with “kitchen lights.”


I can not remember the sub categories that alexa will put as a plug, but you can change the sub-category of the device, in device>advanced>params in vera. This will change how alexa handles them.
look here for categories

I moved all my alexa commands to Node-red, as the response is faster and more reliable.

The categories looks correct. My kitchen switch is dimmable and the category is 2. The other switch is a regular switch so its category is 3. Both subcategories are 0.

I don’t even see plug as a device type on this list.

As i said if you mess with sub categories you will see alexa change type, give it a go, you can always revert sub category. Do not change the category though, just sub.

Category 2, any subcategory. Category 3, sub 1, 2, 3.

These should work.

Or just change it from within the Alexa app. Maybe this doesn’t work with Vera devices, but does with competing hubs.

I should say this only works to move it from a plug to a light.

Yes, it will change the type after you’re successfully paired them. The problem is that they’re searching for the exact categories and subcategories that I reported. Back in the days when I was using the skill instead of HA-Bridge, I had to change it, pair something else (ie: heater, dehumidifiers, virtual buttons), discover them with Alexa, and then change the subcategories back again, after changing the local skill code. So, subcategories are important and 0 is filtered out.

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