Alexa discover Ezlo connected devices

I’ve added a new plug, Zooz ZEN25 to my Ezlo Secure as a generic z-wave device.

I asked Alexa to discover devices but it doesn’t see it.

How can I get Alexa to see the plug?

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Can you not do it via the Alexa app and rediscover devices?

If its like the Google Home integration it may well be currently broken. I cannot add new devices in to Google Home at the moment.

Or on your PC try going to your Alexa account in the browser and rediscover devices.


I assume you have been to and selected the little drop down arrow in the top right of that page and then selected Manage Alexa Ezlo and then you have ensured the new device is ticked and selected and you have pressed save / finish on that page first ?


Going to did the trick. All devices were checked but alexa didn’t get the memo until I pressed the Finish button at the bottom of the list.

Thanks again cw-kid.


Good glad you got it working and for confirming the Ezlo hub still seems to be working with Alexa.

Google Home not so much, when we recently were unable to add new devices.