Alexa, Christmas lights on!

And it does!
Ezlo Atom works with Alexa!

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Voila! How’s the firmware problem going?


I don’t have any problems with the 2 ezlo atoms i am running.
can you please be specific.

Are you kidding?


If you are here to bad mouth, please leave the forum.
if you have a genuine issue pls state your issue.
Please note, you are in Ezlo Atom Hub Category and we are talking about Ezlo Atom hardware.

Hi melih,

I am going to try to express in more explicit manner what the others are trying to say here since, to be honest. I rolled my eyes and thought the same “are you kidding?” when I first read your post.

1st, Alexa integration for many of us has been done locally for a couple of years on vera or other platforms. It is a non-event and definitely not something I can get excited about… especially not on the Atom which is a cloud only device and therefore unusable for many on this forum.
2nd, as you sensed and pointed to. Most of your customers are frustrated by the state of the firmware development on your bread and butter hubs: The edge/plus/secure. Mine works reasonably well on 7.30 but it took some major hacks for me to get here and even then, it isn’t problem free and more importantly is far from the reliability/stability of other open source and newer cheaper commercial solutions. I am thinking of hubitat here. 7.30 is a massive step forward but its released was botched by what I see as an abysmal product software release process/management discipline.

Now to come back to the atom, the localized engine and the offline mode you said was in the plans should be the prerequisite to any other development so indeed integrating Alexa on it through a cloud to cloud scheme, though it is a step forward to you, is pretty much useless and is perceived as the wrong priority for a number of us. “Alexa Christmas lights on”… I did that 2.5 years ago, better faster, more secure and more reliable and integrated with hue, zigbee, zwave, wifi devices and with music. Hard for us to get excited…



This is Ezlo Atom section, talking about Ezlo Atom hardware and hubs.
1-Please don’t put non-relevant stuff here (we are talking about Ezlo Atom Hub)
2-If Alexa integration on Ezlo Atom Hub doesn’t excite you, it doesn’t give you right to hijack this post for you to put non relevant stuff!
3-We have created specific section for different parts of the business. You are doing a disservice to many users who wants to engage in discussions about Ezlo Atom hubs, by cross posting in this section stuff thats not relevant to Ezlo Atom Hub.

Can I please ask you to keep your posts to be relevant to relevant sections.

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I am not here to bad mouth. But I am critical however. For over more than 8 years now. What is your exact role on this forum Melih? You entered about 1.5 year ago and promised one thing after another at that time. For both vera as well ezlo but more or less both. It seems you are now primarily talking about ezlo? What about vera? If we are not allowed to response in this section of the forum, can you as cto of vera then jump in on the other section please? Or am I mixing up persons here?


With such accusatory tone and attitude when my post was aimed at trying to help you understand why people are so lukewarm to your seemingly exciting post, which to us falls very flat, somewhat disrespectful and border line insulting when so many have a broken or bricked system, I will ban myself from the forum.

You are excited about your new product, I understand. In case you did not notice, you are stabbing water with a sword. The Atom has been falling short… way short of your promises. For the audience here, which range from supporters to outright fans, it’s been a disappointment and inadequate for what we are trying to do. I for one am the most frequent poster here for the past year and have been doing a lot of the work you and your team should be doing supporting customers for free… because I want you to be successful.
You released the atom. A lightweight and inexpensive zwave/wifi bridge with no processing automation processing capability. To make it worthwhile, the top priority and one you have proclaimed to be in the plans is for local processing and offline mode to work. Well, based on what I know of the hardware, I am very dubious it can do it when your other units which are orders of magnitude more powerful are already struggling. I am in the chip business, I am beyond familiar with the capabilities of these devices. As for it being inexpensive, we can now all get an arm based units with 100s of time the processing capability with more radios and integration capabilities for only $60. Why would I then bother with a $30 Atom? A door sensor is $30 already. Why bother with Alexa integration when you have no local processing? The echo integration is completely trivial once you have your local API setup. If I want to go cloud, I can find a much more mature, much more capable and more stable unit in the same price range. You can take this feedback whichever you want. It is just feedback but you don’t have to start going around threatening your supporters that they are violating forum rules. Your post comes across as an insult to many because your input and updates where expected elsewhere…

Happy new year to you too!



With regards to your points:
1.) The question about the Vera Plus situation is actually quite relevant to the Atom. In the Atom you’ve designed a bridge that is completely and totally reliant on your cloud back-end to have ANY functionality. The ability of Ezlo to fix issues in their systems in a timely manner is extremely important to any potential Atom user. Also since there is no ability to have any plug-ins on the Atom buyers are completely reliant on Ezlo to have a large enough user base, happy with their product, to even get on the radar of other companies to give you the ability to have integration with them. Without IFTTT there isn’t even the possibility of a back door to integration through that platform.
2.) Alexa integration isn’t going to excite anyone. This is 2019, almost 2020, that’s something that’s pretty standard. I can even show you cheap Chinese knockoff wifi plugs that have Alexa integration. Since your solution is no less dependent on the cloud, they’re really your competition. Most of those, if not all, would also have IFTTT integration, so you still haven’t even caught up to those basic devices yet. At this point everything you have the Atom capable of doing can be done faster and cheaper with simple generic wifi devices.
3.) We all realize there are specific sections for different parts of the product portfolio. There is even a forum topic on the firmware issue. MANY people have even linked you in their questions on what’s going on. You have chosen to not post anything, not engage them with any type of helpful information, and instead to ignore them. When you create a massive problem, provide no information, and hide from your customers; don’t be surprised when they find other topics where you are posting and try to reach you through those. It’s certainly not for a lack of effort trying to communicate with you through the “proper” Vera firmware forum.



I should also note that if not for the uncompensated contributions of forum members like rafale77, rigpapa, and many others you wouldn’t have a company for very long. Their work to help other users and the various workarounds and apps that address shortcomings are far more critical than you seem to understand.


Happy to answer:
I agree speed in which Ezlo RTOS issues are resolved is important. Is there any specific bug in Atom that has been unaddressed for a long time that i am not aware of please?

Re: IFTT integration: We have different plans.

Re: Cloud dependency: We have a local mode on Ezlo RTOS coming in the future.(But Rafael77 says he knows chips and its not possible, lets see if he is right :wink: )

Unfortunately the previous owners of Vera (we only acquired this company around Aug 2018) have left bad taste in the users mouth due to lack of proper engineering and they are taking it on us as the new owners. We didn’t put them in that position, we are the ones trying to get them out of that position! And things do take time.

I have posted many times about what we are doing…
-building a brand new Firmware (Linux based) Beta should be out hopefully first quarter 2020
-built a brand new RTOS launched with Ezlo Hardware already
-Built a brand new Hardware called Plug-Hub with its own RTOS, launched already
-Building a brand new hardware base (2 other chipsets) to run Linux Firmware we have
-Making our new Linux Firmware run on G150 initially. (won’t be backward compatible at beta).
-Created a new dashboard on our mobile apps
-Made Siri Shortcuts work with our System
and much much more…all in 12 months…
The old vera firmware although being “managed” now, is NOT a long term thing. That is why we are building the new linux firmware. Please bear in mind, we only bought this company just over 12 months ago and investing heavily in building the future platform for our users.


I agree. Could not have said it better!

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Why didn’t you PM me if it was that important?
You are mis-characterizing and turning this into a personal attack.
We have a support department and support channel to answer issues. We employ a support department to answer issues. Head of the team doing the old vera firmware development does help the support department with answers. However, happy to answer PMs when I have time.

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I didn’t PM you because 1.) many, many users are requesting this information from you; so the forum is the most appropriate method, 2.) you don’t want each of these users PMing and you having to respond to every user individually… that’s what the forum is for, and 3.) I gave up on a fix and bought a Hubitat about a month ago, so my home set up is working better than ever. I only pay attention to this because I have my parents home set up with a Vera Edge and didn’t want to have to move them over to Hubitat, and I have some potential uses for my decommissioned Vera Plus at my office (if the firmware ever gets fix). So it just wasn’t that important for me at all. I would imagine others didn’t PM you since the forum was the more appropriate channel and if you were not responding to those why would anyone expect that you would respond to a PM.

My pointing out the efforts of your users to reach you not because I’m upset, I was simply trying to explain to you why someone might be trying to reach you through this forum (as you are very active in this forum and actually replying). There is no mis-characterization. If you look at the firmware forum you’ll find people linking you in their comments and requesting updates. You’ll also see that you haven’t posted any response. You’ll also notice that you are responding on this forum. Those are the facts of the situation, there is no mis-characterization there.

I have not personally attacked you in any way. I (and others) have tried to provide you with constructive criticism that if listened to could help you to effectively deal with this situation and to avoid similar problems from impacting the company in the future. Nothing I have said about you is in any way personal, everything has been based on how you (as “Leader” of the company - as noted in your name line) have handled this situation professionally. You seem to take everything personally and simply dismiss legitimate concerns rather than actually listening to what several people (in this forum alone) have been trying to help you understand.


This is 100% mis-characterization!

I think this is as well (mis-characterization):

Unfortunately the previous owners of Vera (we only acquired this company around Aug 2018) have left bad taste in the users mouth and they are taking it on us as the new owners.

I can decide for myself what gives a bad taste in my mouth :upside_down_face:


Thank you for accepting that Vikes0115 mis-characterized!

What gives me a bad tasted is advertised/marketed functionality that isn’t there or doesn’t work.


Two points:

1.) I suppose it could be debated if not posting at all in the forum where people want information and are asking you questions about what’s being done to fix the problems created by the new firmware is “hiding from your customers”. I would tend to call it that myself.

2.) Out of that post, my previous posts, and the posts of others echoing the same concerns; THAT is what you took out of it? Seriously?!?!


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