Alerts stops working after a day

We have the Vera alerts app on 2 phones. But after replacing my wife’s phone with an Huawei P20 Pro we are having problems with alerts on that one.

It works well the first day after unregisterin/registering but then just completely stops receiving alerts. I still get alerts to my phone with no problems.
Tried unistalling the app, cleaning cache etc. Changed “device identifier” several times. All the same. works for like a day and the goes quiet.

I start to think thats there is a problem that the app was transferred from the old phone (Nexus 6p) as it keeps it device id. And whenever I reinstall the app it has the config set with sounds and old alerts and I can’t find where to delete all and get a completely fresh install.

It stops working because the Android system kills the app to save battery. You have to mark that app as protected from battery saving. Even with that, when the phone has very low battery notification or when you open a hungry resources app, Android may kill Vera Alerts.

I’m so stupid, ofcourse it was battery saving that killed the app. I know of the function but totaly overlooked it. It’s also not that clear on Huawei. Now it works fine :slight_smile: