Alerts Issue

I have read through all the documentation I could find, searched the forum, and checked all my settings but am still baffled so here goes…

I had some trouble getting the aeotec multisensor added to my veralite but after some persistence managed to get it working. I do not have any notifications enabled for any devices or triggers. However, there is an alert that is pushed to the Web Interface::Account::My Alerts tab each time the motion sensor is triggered (going both high and low) resulting in an enormous number of alerts. Granted, this is not resulting in an email/txt notification but it does clutter My Alerts. Additionally, when I set up a notification for the device I do get an email notification.

So my question is why is this device creating alerts for My Alerts without any explicit configuration/control setting? Or is this a bug that is resulting from the issues I had with getting the sensor included/excluded multiple times originally?

Thanks for any help,

I am having the same issue, and also all the zones of my house…will keep an eye on this OP, and post if I find anything out…a bit annoying sifting through 100+ emails to get your regular email ???