Alarmsystem intrusion delay

Hi All,

I’m pretty new and still learning my Vera Plus and PLEG.
I want to use my Vera as an Alarm system as well. The basics i can manage but i think i need some kind of delay/timer without setting of my alarm in the following situation:

Mode = Away.
When I enter my front door, this is ‘seen’ by a motion sensor and i need some time to disarm my system using a Keypad. I have made a delay between motion and setting of the siren. But this doesn’t work because the motion is already seen. So even if i switch back to Home within 30sec (using the keypad) the alarm still sounds.
I think i need to reset the trigger when changing the mode to ‘home’ but i dont know how to do this.

I hope somebody can help me.

Ultimately i want to create an Alarm system with the keypad, Siren and motion sensors. One motion sensor needs this delay.
Any advise is welcome.

Thanks in advance

I have set mine in steps with counters, say, in one condition, set all the rules. when it triggers, it will become true, but it will only start a timer of x time.

second condition: this condition becomes true with a sequence. timer was off, then condition 1 becomes true, then timer is off and condition 1 stays true. if this becomes true, then it triggers the alarm.

Hi Vreo,

Thanks I will try that. it sounds good :slight_smile:

Kind regards