AlarmManager is Tardy... and I'm CLUELESS

When it works, it works great. But lately, I’ve been having some real gremlins with anything relating to my DSC alarm and Vera.

My PLEG script says when my garage door is closed, send a lock command to all three kwickset deadbolts and arm the house. The locks always lock, but about half the time, the alarm won’t arm. And when it does, sometimes it does it within seconds of the last lock locking, and other times, it’ll be minutes later.

I just checked the log, and I’ve got a bunch of these:

AlarmManager::Run callback for alarm 0x878390 entry 0xaf3038 type 52 id 95924 param=0xf08080 entry->when: 1414116163 time: 1414116167 tnum: 1 slow 0 tardy 4 <0x2b905680>

Can someone explain to this layman what that means? Where do I start my troubleshooting? FWIW, when this starts happening, EVERYTHING scripted slows down (i.e. when DSC door sensor opens, turn on room light, may take 30 seconds to actually do so). Usually a quick power-cycle of the VERA will resolve it.

There could be a LOT of different things going on. For example, I have a Kwikset lock, and it successfully locks about 70% of the time. It was about 40-50% successful prior to installation of the extended Antenna on my Vera3.

Anyhow, when it fails it gets stuck in retries which delays whatever is “after” it in the scene sequence, due to the pauses Vera inserts for each retry. In some cases, the lock actually locks, but the ACK isn’t received and retries kick in…

I’ve also had cases where Vera reboots due to earlier actions, so the later ones (if they run at all) are seriously delayed (read:Minutes)

Anyhow, the specific log-line you’ve highlighted isn’t going to give you a lot of information. If you can PM me a full copy of your [Verbose-Enabled] Vera LuaUPnP.log from a “failing” cycle, from initiation through to completion, I can give a rundown on what’s happening. I’ll also provide a line-by-line of how to interpret the relevant parts so others can understand how to do the same.

Along with the log, I’ll also need to know:

[ul][li]a) What Firmware you’re running (a detailed version# string, not just “UIx”)[/li]
[li]b) IT100 or 2DS or EVL-3? What Firmware?[/li]
[li]c) For 2DS and EVL-3, a list of every Switch/Router/Network Link/Wifi Bridge (etc) between Vera and the Envisalink Device
(Make/Model info for each wiring “hop” being introduced).[/li]
[li]d) For IT100, what Make/Model of USB-Serial is being used.
How “direct” is the connection (eg. 5" vs 500’) and similar network information if it’s been Network-enabled

Thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately, while I’ve had my VL for a while, I’m still quite illiterate on nearly all commonly understood terms. It’ll take some time for me to get your list answered, as I have to research how to find the answers and obtain the requested info.

For now, here’s what I know:

a) What Firmware you’re running (a detailed version# string, not just “UIx”)

From the firmware page: You are running the latest version: 1.5.622. If there is an alternate version# string, I’ll need some guidance as to how to locate it.

b) IT100 or 2DS or EVL-3? What Firmware?

I’m running the EVL-3, Firmware Version: 01.11.135 - MAC: 001C2AXXXXX (I obscured that)

c) For 2DS and EVL-3, a list of every Switch/Router/Network Link/Wifi Bridge (etc) between Vera and the Envisalink Device

There are two 8-port switches between the VL and the EVL-3. The VL is plugged into a Zonet 8-port GB switch (model ZFS3408EP) with a 4’ cat6 patch cable. The EVL-3 is plugged into a Trendnet 8-port GB switch (TEG-S9g) with a 2’ cat5 patch cord. The two switches are tied together with a 6’ cat6 patch cord.

Also, for a bit more clarification, my DSC alarm is equipped with about 25 wireless door/window sensors. I use those to trigger the PLEG script. For example, the sensor on Connor’s door triggers the condition that will turn on the light in the room (via AEON LAB micro controller dimmer). When the door is closed, and the sensor is no longer dripped the DSC reports the change to the VL, and the light turns off.

From that standpoint, the communication works flawlessly. All of my PLEG triggers, conditions, and actions that are based on DSC alarm sensors work perfectly - so I’m certain the plugin is communicating as it should. it’s just this routine that involve the auto arming after door locking that gets hosed more often than not.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I don’t know what “verbose enabled” means with regard to the luna script. I will PM you copy/paste the log entries from the moment the garage door is closed to when the alarm arm (if it does), but if you need something different, it’ll probably require a degree of hand-holding (sorry).

Ok, I figured out the verbose thing. I ended up with a 4.5mb log file for the few minutes of activity from when the door closed to when I gave up waiting for it to arm.