Alarm zone isolation (if possible)

Hi again, daughter of ClipperMiami with another I-am-stumped moment. I’m having a repair going on in my house but that has tripped one of my window alarm sensors into thinking it has been violated. Anyone know of any way how I might isolate that zone to turn it off so I can set the alarm while I figure out how to repair the problem?

Many panels have a bypass function, but exactly how it goes varies from panel to panel. For example, on Ademco/Honeywell Vistas, it’s usually code + 6 + zone number (two digits, e.g. 2 is 02). Any idea what kind of panel you have?

Your father had installed a DSC alarm panel, so, assuming you haven’t replaced the panel, the bypass instructions for your alarm are available HERE

Thank you rigpapa, thank you cybrmage. You guys are awesome, that was probably something I could’ve found searching the intarwebz into the deep dark night so thank you again for the speedy help

update: zone bypass works fine but now I can’t set the alarm with zones bypassed. Sigh, it never ends

update #2, figured it out. I had bypassed the wrong zone. I swear I’m not as incapable as my posting makes me out to be