Alarm when water is missing!


I am using the Ecoling FLF-ZWAVE5 sensor to identify when a tank lacks water. The sensor is immersed in the tank, and when water is missing, Tripped is 0. When there is no lack of water Tripped 1.

Everything would be fine but Tripped equal to 1, triggers the alarm, because the sensor detects water that is its normal function.

Does anyone know if it is possible to invert the instruction? If it detects water, Tripped would be 0, if it stops detecting water, then indicate Tripped 1.


I notice that the manual for this device does not mention any variables you can set to alter its behavior in the way you want. Something tells me that it’s up to the controller as to how it interprets each of the “Water” / “No Water” signals.

Which controller are you using it with (i.e. is it paired to)? Vera? Ezlo?


I am using a Vera Plus, already with firmware 7.32.

After some searching for a solution, I have not found a way to invert the signaling.

Now I received a recommendation to use a Linear WADWAZ-1 door sensor, which besides working with a magnet, can also be connected to a float switch water with on/off contact, thus transforming the door sensor into a tank pump.

I already bought the switch, and as soon as it arrives I will test it and report it here.

One good thing about this new solution, the Ecolink sensor immersed directly in water does not last more than a year, it gets all corroded.


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